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Tapping into the body's own diagnostic system

Decoding the immune system

The immune system is made up of a network of receptors that precisely identify most foreign invaders that contribute to human diseases and conditions. Once the harmful substance or microbe is identified, a specific immune response is produced and tailored to the body’s ability to defend against the disease-causing invader.


The Immune Reveal™ characterizes this immune response to determine whether an infection, disease, etc. is present. By utilizing flow cytometry technology, Immune IQ’s platform rapidly decodes this immune response by individually probing nearly a million blood cells. 


Our eyes are on the target, but we won't stop there

Immune IQ’s initial focus is on sepsis, but that's just the starting point. By utilizing strategic partners, we will continue to leverage the platform’s other fundamental capabilities to expand its diagnostic menu of tests.

Demonstrated Performance


7-part CBC

Produced 7-part complete blood count (CBC) results comparable to central lab machine (Mass. General Hospital Study)


Clinical Studies Validated...

Machine learning algorithms were developed to uncover immune signatures for several medical conditions including: COVID-19, sickle cell anemia, leukemia (blasts), giant platelet disorder, schistocyte blood disorder 


Initial Sepsis Validation

Clinical study at Johns Hopkins beginning 2023 to validate sepsis detection, prognosis, and treatment response using Immune IQ's technology

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