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Harnessing the immune response for a more definitive diagnosis

Controlling sepsis: One of the world's greatest healthcare challenges

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People are affected worldwide - almost half are women and children


Of all global deaths are due to sepsis


Sepsis costs US hospitals more than any other health condition (annually)


Annual increase in the number of patients hospitalized with sepsis 


Of pediatric sepsis survivors have life-long disabilities

A widely accessible test enabling rapid diagnosis and rapid treatment could prevent as many as 80% of sepsis deaths 

1. Kumar A et al. Crit Care Med. 2006. 
2. Sepsis Fact Sheet

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A comprehensive
sepsis solution

The Immune Reveal™ platform enables a more definitive diagnosis within five minutes and in most healthcare settings.


The process is fast and simple.

  1. Collect a small blood sample (finger-stick or venous draw)

  2. Load it onto the test card 

  3. Insert the card into the analyzer

  4. Wait five minutes

  5. Review results 

Sepsis Test Options

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Going beyond the four walls of the hospital with the "Sepsis-Smart-CBC" Test
  • Efforts to manage sepsis are often reactive and focused predominantly in emergency room settings.

  • The complete blood count (CBC) test is the most frequently ordered blood test in the world. By integrating a sepsis screen into a CBC, almost all undiagnosed patients touching the healthcare system can be screened for sepsis upon intake. 

Taking a comprehensive approach, the Sepsis Test Panel determines the key diagnostic information clinicians need 
  • Detection

  • Severity

  • Infection type

  • Treatment monitoring

Sepsis Test Panel

Test Types
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