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The Immune Reveal™, the world’s first POC flow cytometer – focused on sepsis

Immune IQ (I-IQ) has developed the Immune Reveal, the first and only POC flow cytometer capable of reading information from a patient’s immune system to rapidly identify critical diseases. The capabilities of the Immune Reveal will initially be targeted toward the diagnosis of early sepsis which has been recognized for decades as one of healthcare’s greatest unmet needs. The first two test cards for sepsis are described below.

Miniaturized flow cytometer

Protein/Chemistry measurements

Built-in sample preparation

Machine learning

Low-cost diagnostic tests

Lab-quality results in five minutes

Advanced A.I. disease screening

Powerful technologies integrated into a simple user experience

The Immune Reveal™ platform provides the same analytic capabilities as several large core lab analyzers but scaled down to a single point-of-care instrument.


  • From a single test, over 4 million raw cellular data points are generated from a patented, miniaturized flow cytometer that has been built into a disposable test card.

  • ​Advanced sample preparation capabilities are built into the platform. This means no added chemistries or sample handling; the user simply loads the sample onto the card and the analyzer does the rest.  ​

  • Machine learning models are developed to uncover immune response signatures for various diseases and medical conditions.

The only immune system approach to enable broad adoption...

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Current approaches to data

The current generation of immune response tests rely on limited datasets and are not widely accessible​
  • Expensive 
  • Narrow reading of the immune system
Organizing Test Tubes

Immune IQ's Dataset

Generates a comprehensive dataset enabling broad-based disease detection
dataset graphics.jpg
vs addressing technical and accessibility barriers

Immune IQ provides  a comprehensive dataset: immune response, organ function, and patient information.

A broad reading of the immune system facilitates simultaneous detection for multiple disease types.

The Immune Reveal platform utilizes low-cost disposable test cards.

No sample preparation, buffers, or manual manipulation is required. 

Takes minutes, not hours or days to produce results.


The hard part is over, now it’s on to the good stuff 

The Immune Reveal™ incorporates more than 100 patents. After years of development and testing, the Immune IQ platform and test cards are fully designed and robustly built for commercial use.

Disposable test cards are built to account for current and future test needs so that new diagnostic capabilities are a software update, not a hardware upgrade.

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