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Reading the immune system to rapidly diagnose disease

The Immune Reveal™ point-of-care platform unleashes the power of the immune system to rapidly diagnose patients in minutes

The immune system detects virtually everything affecting a person's health, eclipsing any existing diagnostic technology. 

The immune system constantly monitors an individual's health and responds to evolving diseases. It can detect many cancers years before symptoms appear, and COVID-19 within hours of infection. 

The immune system serves as a comprehensive database of a patient's health status.

The information already exists...

...and we can decode it.

Immune IQ's point-of-care system goes beyond routine lab tests

Immune IQ has developed the Immune Reveal™ platform. It reads health status and disease information from a patient’s immune system to rapidly diagnose critical diseases, many not detectable today.

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  Immune Reveal™ Analyzer

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Disposable Test Card with Built-in Sample Preparation

Image by Uriel SC

Machine Learning Models

At the cusp of a diagnostic revolution...

Our initial focus is on sepsis

Immune IQ's initial focus is on one of the world's greatest healthcare challenges - sepsis.

Our platform has the capabilities necessary to facilitate testing across most sites of care. Problem diseases can be addressed earlier, at a low cost, and with broad acceptance.

As the immune system becomes a primary tool for diagnosis,

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why Immune IQ?

The Immune Reveal™ enables broad adoption of immune-system-based diagnoses in most healthcare settings.

Immune IQ's powerful diagnostic approach has a much lower cost-per-test, greater range of disease identification and a shorter time to result than other cellular- and mRNA-based approaches.

Meet the Team

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Management Team

David Deetz


Barbara Roth


Andy Meltzer

Co-Founder & CEO

Previously founded two other medical device companies, one of which completed a successful IPO on NASDAQ and Deloitte identified as one of the fastest-growing medical device companies in the nation. The other was acquired by Danaher/ Radiometer as an important part of its POC product line. The author of 11 U.S. patents, David has raised $140 million in private and public capital for his companies.

Co-Founder & COO

Former medical technologist previously involved in two successful POC blood-testing startups. The first was purchased by J&J and the other, where she served as vice president of manufacturing, went public on NASDAQ.

VP Analytics & Software

Co-founded two tech start-ups in the retail predictive analytics space. Led multidisciplinary global teams providing financial analytics and petabyte scale financial data to banks and financial institutions around the globe, as well as migrating large-scale enterprise SaaS offerings to the cloud.

Scientific Advisory Board

James Fackler, MD


Amesh Adalja, MD

Dr. Fackler is in Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  He is a leader in the exponentially expanding field of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Dr. Adalja is a Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and a leading expert on COVID-19.

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