Enabling Rapid & Accurate Disease Detection For Everyone, Everywhere

Immune IQ has created a universal blood test that reads a person’s immune system to detect a wide variety of diseases (sepsis, cancers, etc.) in their earliest stage, when they can be most effectively diagnosed and treated – and will make this test accessible and affordable at all sites of care throughout the world.

The Immune System
Decoded & Available

The Immune Reveal

Accelerating Disease
Detection For All

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Rapid Health Diagnosis

Comprehensive health screening (cancer, IBD, rheumatoid arthritis,etc.). Rapid acute disease identification in minutes (sepsis etc.) 

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Viral Threat Awareness

Real-time identification of evolving viral threat  for effective containment threat  for effective containment  threat

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Expansive Dataset

The broad applicability of the Immune Reveal and its rich dataset will facilitate the world’s largest homogeneous immune data

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Versatile Disease Validation

The ability to generate the dataset required for broad disease detection was clinically validated at Massachusetts General

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Menu Expansion

App-based disease menu expansion, an industry first, enables new tests to be developed by outside partners and added

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Disease Identification

First disease identification tests are two of healthcare’s greatest unmet needs: sepsis (Johns Hopkins) and Long-COVID (NYU)     ​

​World-class Team Enables Extraordinary Results

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Point-of-Care & AI Innovators

The founders have started two previous point-of-care companies (IPO and acquisition leading to $1B/y product line). They also started a financial services AI company serving JPMorgan, Citigroup & Merrill Lynch.

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Innovation Allies

Technology partners include Honeywell and the Battelle Institute, the world’s largest independent R&D organization.

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Healthcare Champions

Immune IQ has relationships with both Johns Hopkins and Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Ready for Market

All significant development & manufacturing barriers have been overcome and the product is ready for commercialization.

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FDA Approval Roadmap

A Breakthrough designation by the FDA and a $90M Series D funding will enable clinical validations for FDA approval at Johns Hopkins and commercial launch.

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Rapid Sepsis Diagnosis

IPO within 2 years on the strength of its platform's unique diagnostic capability and its sepsis panel that enables early sepsis identifcation in all settings.


App-based Disease Menu Expansion

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Efficient Test Expansion

It's crucial that a comprehensive screening platform be able to efficiently add tens or hundreds of new disease identification tests.​

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Point-of-Care Challenges

Test menu expansion is the largest challenge for point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platforms.

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Test Cartridge Innovation

Immune IQ (IIQ) utilizes a unique universal test cartridge and a revolutionary app-based menu expansion process for its POC testing platform.

ready for commercialization

Short Path to FDA Submission

The Immune Reveal trade marked system has not be reviewed by the FDA or any other regulatory entities.

Instrument Status

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Validated in hands-off clinical studies​
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Manufactured in the United Stated by Veranex, an industry leader​

Disposable Test Cards​

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Proprietary manufacturing process and equipment of the tape-based test cartridges enables low-cost per test
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$250M of product can be produced annually in 10K ft2 production space​
strategic partnership

Battelle, the World’s Largest
Independent R&D Organization

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App Based Menu

Battelle's support of ImmuneIQ extends to facilitating app-based menu expansion, ensuring the platform remains dynamic and adaptable to evolving healthcare needs.

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Network Intelligence

Battelle's network intelligence capabilities can optimize data transmission and processing, enhancing the efficiency of disease identification algorithms.

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Integrated Circuits

Through collaboration on integrated circuits, ImmuneIQ benefits from cutting-edge hardware solutions that maximize the performance of point-of-care analyzers.

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Instrument Family

By incorporating Battelle's expertise in developing instrument families, ImmuneIQ can streamline production and ensure consistency across their diagnostic systems.

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Machine Learning

Battelle's involvement in machine learning initiatives empowers ImmuneIQ in refining algorithms and improving the accuracy and scope of disease detection.

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Clinical Units

Lastly, by leveraging Battelle's clinical units, ImmuneIQ gains access to diverse testing environments for validating technology in real-world healthcare settings.

Meet Our Team Members

Our team comprises seasoned industry veterans driving innovation, manufacturing, and technological advancements to revolutionize healthcare diagnostics.

CEO, Founder

Previously founded two other POC blood testing companies, one of which completed a successful IPO on NASDAQ. The second was acquired by a large diagnostic company and is responsible for over$1B/yr in sales. Led the adoption of AI for wealth management, restricted stock, and retirement planning (JPMorgan, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch). Founded an artificial intelligence company which was the first A.I. application to get broad adoption.

MD  - Advisory board

Dr. Fackler, in Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital, spearheads advancements in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence in medicine, pioneering transformative approaches and applications.

COO, Founder

Recognized leader in machine-learning-based manufacturing of complex POC disposables. She was previously involved in two successful POC blood-testing startups, one purchased by J&J and the other, where she served as Vice-President of Manufacturing, went public on NASDAQ.​

MD - Advisory board

Dr. Adalja, a Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, is a pivotal expert in infectious diseases, particularly renowned for his contributions to understanding and addressing COVID-19, guiding responses and empowering stakeholders amid unprecedented challenges.

Michael is a prominent  leader in the development of complex POC instruments. He has over 25 years of IVD and medical device product development, operations, and manufacturing experience. He has been led teams as COO and CTO in the development of hundreds of medical, IVD, and consumer-centric products in a variety of roles.​

MD - Advisory board

Dr. Parikh, extensively published and a sought-after speaker on Long-COVID, co-founds the Parikh Institute of Research, pioneering investigations in allergies, asthma, and immunology trials, boasting affiliations with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, and NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

International finance leader with proven ability to build and position companies for long-term growth/profitability. Public company, private equity, family company, start-up and acquisition/divestiture experience across multiple industries, geographies, and scale of businesses. Expertise in development and implementation of strategic business.

MD - Advisory board

Dr. Jones, founder and director of Rocky Mountain Allergy at Tanner Clinic in Layton, Utah, and Immunity Group Australia in Sydney, exemplifies leadership and expertise in the field of allergy and immunology on a global scale.